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We have worked with Kat for over 12 months with our 2 South African Mastiffs. She works with both you and the dog to get the most out of your training sessions. The time and the effort Kat gives you at each session is beyond what most trainers offer. Our dogs have improved in leaps and bounds and we have continued our training past our first initial package we purchased as we can see the benefit to our dogs and their skills. Kat takes the time to understand your needs for you and your dogs and does not shy away from the hard cases.

Kat always thinks outside the box for taking dogs and their owners to their utmost potential.

Kats consistent and regular guidance has improved my skills, knowledge and relationship with my dogs and has made my confidence bloom for trying new and exciting training sessions.

We highly recommend Kat to anyone and everyone who is looking for an experienced dog trainer.

Sue - Aza & Nyota

Dog Training Testimonial
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Katja has been around my puppy Willow from 8 weeks of age, she stopped by for the very first initial training session on the first day I brought her home. She has helped me built a confident happy puppy. I felt a little overwhelmed when I first got my girl and Kat helped me feel like I had some idea what I was doing with her. I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have Kat’s guidance. We often refer to her as being a dog wizard since she is just so knowledgeable about what to do for all situations. I so confidently recommend Katja to everyone I know with dogs. It is clear she cares about the the dogs she meets and will go above and beyond to ensure the best care is given to each individual case. She knows dogs limits and never pushes them past anything they can’t handle. My girl is 4 months old now and I don’t think I would ever want to stop taking her to see Kat. We never make any decisions for our girl without consulting her first and completely trust her with our dog.

If you are thinking about seeing a trainer at all go see Katja!! It will 100% be worth it!

Kristi & Sam - Willow

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Dog Trainer Testemonials
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